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From the Internets: June 23rd

Happy Summer, everyone! I kicked off the official start of summer by making my way to the Jersey Shore. Luckily, it didn’t rain like it did the last time I went to the shore and I was able to catch some rays. Unfortunately, I caught too many rays and now parts of my body are lobster status.

While I rub myself with aloe and stay indoors, you should check out these reads:

If you’re traveling internationally any time soon and want to keep cell costs to a minimum, check out The Points Guy’s tips for reducing international calling costs.

Are you incapable of walking out of Target without having spent $100 or more? Me, too. Anna, over at And Then We Saved, confesses to her addiction to spending money and just how hard it is to stay out of that wonderful store.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what characteristics make up a Bro, NPR and Codeswitch have broken it down for you. Fun Bro Venn diagram included.

You work hard and deserve to be rewarded for adding value for your employer. Here are 7 tips from Brazen Careerist for getting the perennial raises you deserve.

What did you do to kick of the official start of summer?

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