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From the Internets: January 14th

Hello, all! Hope you had a fantastic weekend and have been managing to stay healthy and well. I enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend in, complete with Chinese, movies and wine. ‘Twas fabulous.

I was also able to dig up some good reads for y’all. Here’s the skinny:

I may need to go to London soon. Cat cafes are popping up around the area. Coffee and cats? Doesn’t get much better, methinks.

My weekend was centered around relaxation and not worrying about things, but I did make a point to schedule some productivity time on Sunday. Here, Jessica Stillman discusses the secret to a refreshing weekend. Hint: it’s not just loafing around all weekend.

No doubt, divorce can be an unpleasant experience for all parties involved. However, if there are any silver linings, it might be what you can learn from divorce. A recent reader story from Get Rich Slowly outlines 10 financial things that can be learned from ones parents divorcing.

If you are into both weddings and design (or even just one or the other), check out Jessica Hische’s story of her relationship with her fiance, Russ. Storytelling and design at it’s finest. It has a fun surprise ending, too.

Instagram meets Pinterest plus cats? Yes, please.

Brazen Careerist outlines 7 steps young professionals can take to make student loans stop weighing them down.

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