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Recipe For a Successful Rainy Weekend in Ocean City, NJ

The funny thing about going to beach towns is that all (or most) of the outdoor activities are dependent on the weather. If it’s raining, it’s not as easy (or fun) to go to the boardwalk or the beach itself. If it’s too early in the season, it’s a ghost town. I traveled down to Ocean City, NJ before Memorial Day for a weekend with friends, and it was both rainy and a ghost town.


As you can see, there was no one around when we took a mini jaunt downtown to secure parking tags. Fear not! The rain and ghost town-quality of the weekend did not prevent my friends and me from having a good time! In fact, I would say it was a pretty awesome weekend.

Beach Homes in Ocean City, NJ

For the most part, we bunkered down in my friends’ family’s home and went with the flow. You may need to wait a while before Ocean City, NJ turns into a ghost town again, but you may be able to use the following recipe for a rainy weekend where you end up at the beach.

Recipe for a Successful Rainy Weekend in Ocean City, NJ:



Simmer, relax, and repeat. A full weekend will do the trick, but results are just as optimal when you are there for only a day!

What do you do when you’re at the beach and the weather isn’t great?


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