Ways to Pass Time While Traveling
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20 Ways to Pass Time While Traveling

Let’s be honest: traveling can be boring. I’m not talking about getting to your destination and having that part of travel be boring. I’m talking about the act of traveling from point A to point B. That can be boring.

Of course, running into roadblocks while traveling makes things more interesting and anything but boring. However, if your travel plans go swimmingly (the nerve!), you may find yourself a bit bored and looking for ways to pass the time while flying, waiting in the airport, sitting in the car or riding the train.

Alas, have no more fear! Here are 20 ways to pass time while traveling to ensure that next time, you will successfully defeat boredom.

20 Ways to Pass the Time While Traveling

1. Read a book – the more scintillating, the faster the time will go.

2. People watch – if you’re in a busy airport or even just passing other cars on the road, you’ll be guaranteed to see some interesting things.

3. Eat – avoid boredom eating, but if you’re looking for something to do and you’re hungry, go for it!

4. Chat with your travel buddy – there’s nothing like a captive audience when it comes to getting to know each other better.

5. Catch up on work – if you’re able (and in the right state of mind to work on work), you can get a head start.

6. Work towards inbox 0 – the Mecca of the inbox is not far away if you have WiFi or a data plan available to you.

7. Draw something – get out your sketchbook and preferred writing utensil and have at it.

8. Knit or crochet – these are great, repetitive activities that don’t have to take a lot of brainpower (although they certainly can).

9. Listen to music – if you’re driving, the louder and more singing-along the better; loud singing along in the airport should be done at your own risk.

10. Read a magazine – the magazines in the back of the seat in front of you on airplanes are surprisingly entertaining.

11. Play a game on your phone or game console – rev up your Angry Birds and you’ll be there in no time.

12. Crossword – challenging puzzles for the mind are fun solo or with your travel buddy.

13. Sudoku – put your logic skills to the test.

14. Sleep – it will be almost like you apparated there; as long as you actually made it onto and off of your mode of transportation without a hitch.

15. Listen to a book on tape – if you’re feeling too lazy to read and not in the mood for tunes, turn on a book.

16. Write a postcard – send someone back home a thoughtful update about your travels.

17. Soak in the scenery – sometimes the best way to pass time while traveling is to just sit there and relax.

18. Card games – play with your friend or solo.

19. Organize your wallet or purse – use common sense and only do this if it means you’re not flashing your bills at everyone in the surrounding area.

20. Plan your trip – this may build anticipation, but you’ll be ready to hit the ground running once you arrive.

And there you have it! Next time you go on a trip, you have no excuses for being bored.

What’s your favorite way to pass time while traveling? What’s your preferred method of keeping busy?

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