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From the Internets: March 10th


If you haven’t realized it already, it’s officially Daylight Savings time. * Tear * We lost an hour! Think of all the things we could have done!

While your biological clock adjusts to the time shift, check out these reads:

As a former (long time) Girl Scout, I loved this post about money-making lessons you can learn from the Girl Scouts. Now only if I had some Caramel Delights!

In student loan news, Ready for Zero breaks down the details and considerations you should make before deciding to apply for the Pay As You Earn student loan program.

A while back, I wrote about habits that may be keeping your career back. Brazen Careerist continued this conversation with their post about things that you shouldn’t do if you want to be taken seriously at work. The way you talk, playing dumb, treating your cubicle like a dorm room and talking in text language all made the cut.

Do you work in an office (like tech-focused) that touts it’s culture as top-notch, “with it”, etc? Find out what those foosball tables, flexible vacation policies, and free food really mean about your office culture.

Formal professional development programs are becoming harder to find, especially after the first year of working at a company. Levo League offers suggestions for creating a DIY Leadership Development Plan. Hey, sometimes you need to take things into your own hands.

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