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Greetings! It’s been a crazy week, both here and everywhere else. My week consisted of going to a hot hula dance class with coworkers (think Zumba meets hula dancing) and taking a very long trek over the Brooklyn Bridge (keep your eye out for a Backyard Tourism post on that adventure). I even saw a rainbow while on a run, as you can see above. Not going to lie, I think it was a fitting week to see a rainbow sitting right next to the Freedom Tower. Now that it’s Sunday, I’m relaxing and prepping for a short work week, the 4th with friends, and a visit from the bf.

Before I jump into the links, don’t forget (as you’ve heard from 20 million other websites in the last few months) that Google Reader is shutting down as of tomorrow, July 1. While I go and cry about it, if you read this blog using an RSS reader, you should follow me using one of the following methods:

And now, links!

Remember the girl from Matilda? Well, she has 7 theories on why child stars go crazy.

Remember how I wrote about the cost of running? And I posted a picture of my shoes? Well, I was excited to find out that Wendy Davis chose the same Mizuno Wave Rider 16’s to go a filibusterin’. Almost better than Wendy’s awesomeness are the Amazon reviews!

Catflakes? Yes!

When life gives you lemons, you gotta push through. Brazen Careerist’s guide to getting through a terrible week will help you push onward.

Pigeons really creep me out. Especially after that one time a pigeon flew into my leg. Well, BuzzFeed is trying to change my mind.. and I think they may almost have me convinced that pigeons are cooler than people.

That’s all I have for this week. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

What did you do this week? Have any good links to share?

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