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From the Internets: March 17th


Hello! I hope you fared the Ides of March well and have had a very lucky day today. Here are some reads from this week:

On target, as usual, the Onion hits on an important topic: Internet users demand less interactivity. Lesson learned? Interactivity isn’t always the answer, create sites that fit the users’ needs.

Looking to move to a more expensive city for a new job? Levo League has some tips on how to budget in an expensive city. Know the cost of living, keep that in mind when negotiating your salary, and know that you’ll be spending more to live.

Going to traveling to Rochester (my home town) any time soon? NYTimes just published an article about what to do if you’re spending 48 hours in the Flower City. Must-dos not on the list: Wegmans and Nick Tahou’s.

Sheryl Sandburg’s new book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, came out this week. It had a lot of great lessons and tips for women who want to lead in the workplace.

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