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Greetings, Fluxers!

This week has gone by as quickly as the last. And we’re almost to the end of April. I say this all the time, but where has the time gone?

To help slow down time a bit, I’ve put together a few good reads from the past week. Check it out and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Food takes up a large portion of my budget. What can I say? This girl likes to eat! Mint has put together 9 ways to stop spending money on food that you might find useful, if you, like me, like to eat.

Get Rich Slowly’s Kristin Wong outlines 9 traits of underearners. Identifying these traits and taking action against are ways that we can keep the fight for equal pay going all year long.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that people like to add the word “slash” into conversation where you might have a / if you were writing something. Slash did you know that this is actually a big deal in terms of linguists? Check out The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Lingua Franca blog to find out why slash is not just a punctuation mark anymore.

If you travel frequently, you may have noticed that airfare has been becoming increasingly more expensive. Nomadic Matt wrote an excellent post about why airfare has increased so much.

I like earning money and I’m sure you do to. Cassie from Back to Her Roots put together a post about the different ways you can make free money online using websites like Swagbucks, eBates, Viggle, shopkick and GoodSearch.



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