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From the Internets: December 20th

* Sigh * I know! I know! I know! I’ve totally been slacking on posting. I really don’t have a good excuse other than work has been crazy and there has just been very little time left for things other than sleeping and eating. That will change very soon, as I’m planning to not work throughout the holidays. Yep, I’m creating my own personal winter break. Just like it was when I was in college! Throughout and after my much-needed break, I plan to get back in the swing of posting.

To round out the end of the year (well, if we make it there – tomorrow is supposed to be the end of the world after all), I want to share my end of year review and goals for 2013. I’ve started to think through what my goals for 2013 will be, but I’m not quite there yet. I laid out 12 goals last year (pre-blog era) and I’m quite happy to say that I met or exceeded most of the ones that I continued to focus on (there were a few that I de-prioritized halfway through the year, because they were bad goals).

Anyways, while I go and figure my goals out, here are some fun things from the Internets to keep you busy:

I haven’t had a chance to fly first class yet, but it’s on my flux list.  From what I’ve heard, it can get pretty swanky and a UK-based design firm is hoping to bring that first class experience to hospital recovery rooms.

I’ll admit that I’ve been struggling with fitting in all of the things: work, life, freelancing, and blog. Sarah von Bergen of Yes and Yes has some tips for juggling it all. I should take up her advice.

Hopefully by now, you realize that student loans are a hot topic for me. This article poses the question of whether there should student loan reform in the United States, drawing inspiration from the student loan system in Australia.

Having children is not something for everyone. This article from the NY Times explores the financial reasons that a couple may choose to forgo having children.

Do you work in a client-facing creative or design-oriented business? If so, you’ve probably heard some of the statements on this collection of posters memorializing the fun things that clients say.

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