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From the Internets: November 10th

After my 7-day trip turned to 12 days and then turned to 20 days, I’m finally back in Hoboken! The most ironic part? I managed to remember my phone charger at every one of my stops… except the very last one at my friend’s apartment in Manhattan. I’ll be filling you in on the details of my trip next week. In the meantime, enjoy these reads from the Internets on this glorious Saturday afternoon:

Want to start running but don’t know where to start or how to muster up the motivation? Joel Runyon shares tips and tricks for people who want to start running.

Debt freedom means different things for everyone. Ninja, from Punch Debt in the Face, talks about his journey to debt freedom and how it’s okay for everyone to have different goals.

If you’ve thought about working for yourself, but are scared of the uncertain financial future, Alexis Grant has 6 tips for overcoming those fears.

It can be tricky to find the perfect balance between personal and professional online. Here are some tips for achieving balance.

If you are interested in finding resources for starting your own small business, you should check out Jenny Blake’s list.

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