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From the Internets: November 16

Hello, everyone!

It’s been quite the busy week, but only a few more hours until the weekend. This will be my second weekend back in Hoboken and my second weekend without any formal plans and let me tell you, I’m excited! I hope to catch up on some personal projects over the weekend and just relax.

In the meantime, here are some good reads to keep you busy:

Cheap? Free? NYC? Three of my favorite words in general and it’s even better when they’re combined. Jeff Dobbins guest posts on Nomadic Matt to talk about… you guessed it, cheap and free things to do in NYC.  Now maybe I’ll need to make plans this weekend to start doing some of the things in the post!

Storytelling in an art form that takes skill and practice. Here are five tips for telling better stories.

While I don’t generally condone mustaches, I do condone men’s health. Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson) provides encouragement to participants partaking in Movember: it will get fuller.

I love hearing how people make money on the Internet. Here’s a story about how an appreneur outsourced work on an app and ended up earning $64,000.

Want to live longer and spend less money? Start making these lifestyle changes today!

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