Men Talking in Front of Plan at Intrepid
From the Internets

From the Internets

Hello all! I’m writing to you from the future. Yes, that’s right. From the future.

Did you believe me? Hah! Well, I lied. I’m actually writing this post ahead of time, since I’m planning to head out to Ocean City, NJ this weekend to celebrate a friend who has graduated from vet school. While I’m out catching some rays and avoiding the freezing cold water, please enjoy these reads:

Looking to add a little more whimsy in your life? Use this unicorn font when you write your next letter.

With a culture obsessed with weight and beauty, our perceptions of body weight and size can often be skewed. My Body Gallery hopes to break down those perceptions by allowing women to share images of themselves noting their true weight, height and size. Check it out and see just how different, unique and beautiful people can be at any size and shape.

In people are awful news, apparently rich families are starting to hire handicapped tour guides to accompany them at Disney World so that they can jump the lines.

If you, like me, are a child of the late 80s, early 90s, you will find this article nostalgic. And then you’ll feel really old.

If you’re looking to improve your finances: strategize! Ready for Zero offers three ways to strategize finances: consolidate, choose payoff method, and boost income.

See that fancy pic up there? That’s from my trip to the Intrepid Museum as part of my backyard tourism efforts. Check out the post and don’t forget to see my adventures to Chelsea Market and Mets Citi Field, too!

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