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From the Internets: January 25th

Brrrr! It’s chilly outside! Hope you have been managing to stay warm and toast this past week, if you are in the Northeast. I’ve been trying, but those walks home are killer.

Here are some good reads from around the Internets to enjoy with a mug of hot cocoa:

Ever wonder what it looks like to fly from San Francisco to Paris? This video stitches together time-lapsed photos from every 2 miles of the journey.

As a member of the “useless majors” club (who has been pretty successful thus far, thankyouverymuch), I generally take offense to the idea that science, tech and engineering are the only majors that matter or the only ones that will have a reasonable ROI. This post from Brazen Careerist shows how five supposedly “unmarketable” majors can frame their skills and experience to get the job they want in other fields.

My man, Leo.

I love when travel and design meet. American Airlines recently released a new logo and branding. They even have a site set up to introduce you to it. Too bad the functionality of the site is wonky.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially in the marriage territory age range, as it seems like people are becoming engaged left and right. If you, too, are in that age range (or even if you aren’t), you might find these articles about the requisite engagement ring photo and the high price of being single interesting. If you like those and want to commit more time to reading about the topic, check out The Meaning of Wife, which takes a look at the social, historical, sexual and economic history of marriage and wifedom in the twenty-first century.

Why do people move to New York? Here are 15 reasons why.

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