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Upcoming Travel Preview: Philadelphia Bar Party and Tour de West Coast

The next week is going to be quite a doozy, dear readers.

As life may have it, I’m going to be hitting 6 states in the next week and a half (counting NY and NJ, which I hit every day anyways).

My travels begin with a stint in Philadelphia, where I’m meeting up with friends to celebrate one of my friends passing the bar last week. As most of our reunions go, it should be quite fun and, as usual, packed with surprises.

After we have celebrated to our hearts’ content, I’ll make my way back to NJ for the night in order to rest up for the part of my travels that I’m perhaps most excited about: Tour de West Coast.

The week after the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge, I was approached by D2D Fund to see if I would be interested in briefly speaking about Centz at two upcoming conferences. I responded with a very excited, “Yes!”

My first stop of two will be in Phoenix, AZ to participate in the ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum 2012. I’ll participate in a workshop  called The Gamification, Mobilization and “App”lication of Financial Services. I’ll be part of a panel and talk about Centz, for which I won the grand prize in the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge.

The second stop will be in Las Vega, NV for the Money2020 conference. This is the first year that Money2020 is being held and it’s being billed as covering “anything and everything related to the way consumers and businesses are using money today, and how they will use money in the future.”

The sponsors of the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge, including the Treasury Department, D2D Fund, and the Center for Financial Services will be hosting a track on the third day of the conference: Competitions for a Cause: MyMoneyAppUp & FinCap Dev. Along with one of the other finalists and one of the judges from MyMoneyAppUp, I’ll be sharing a bit about my submission, my experience participating in the competition, and my plans for moving forward.

Coincidence will have it that these conferences were scheduled the same week that I had already been planning to travel to San Diego, so on Wednesday, I’ll head off to CA to meet up with my boyfriend (who will be there for a conference during the first part of that week) for a mini-vacation.

It’s going to be an intense week, but it’s going to be great! I’m most excited about the fact that I’m going to be able to cross off a couple of items on my Flux List. For one, I’ll be moving closer to my goal of traveling to all 50 states, as I have not been to either AZ or CA. As for the other item that I’m crossing off, you’ll just have to check back later to see what it was.

Do you have any tips for speaking at conferences? Any suggestions for where I should go or what I should do in my short time in Phoeniz, Las Vegas or San Diego?

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