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Just about every week around here, I share some good reads from around the Internets. You might have noticed that while I aim for variety, there are a few blogs or resources that I pull from often. These standbys are what I go to for my fix of life, career, money and travel. I figured I would share the wealth and give you the skinny on what I’m reading day after day.


Yes and Yes – Sarah brings a mix of everything, it seems. A while back, she was a solo female traveler around the world. Now she’s kicking it in Minnesota and dishing up some sweet articles about anything and everything. She has a lot of different series of posts that focus on community – bringing people together, sharing knowledge and information about locations and cultures, and sharing personal stories of her readers’. She also has a separate small business blog that touches upon entrepreneurship, freelancing and balancing business with life.

Back to Her Roots – I’ve been following Cassie’s blog for a long time now. A while back, I started to follow some healthy living blogs and stumbled upon hers in the process. While I largely don’t follow the healthy living blogs, Cassie’s blog has remained a mainstay. She provides great recipes (that I’ve tried and loved), she’s a UX designer by trade (like me), and she’s recently departed the working world to pursue writing and freelancing. I’m always excited to see her posts in my feed, because I know it’s going to be stellar content with awesome pictures.

The Art of Nonconformity – Chris is on a quest to visit every country in the world. If you are checking out his blog for the first time, you’ll find that he only has one more country left before he reaches his goal. While he does write about his travels and travel hacking (making travel cheap by using points and miles), he writes a lot about creating a lifestyle and career that is off the beaten path.


Location 180 – Sean was fired from his job a couple of years ago after putting in a request with his employer to set up a remote work situation. Since then, he’s done a ton of traveling and has set up a business that helps others quit their jobs and being location independent lifestyles and businesses.

The Traveling Writer – Alexis Grant is a former solo female traveler and a current solopreneur. She writes a lot about forging one’s own path and creating the career and lifestyle that provides freedom and flexibility.

Brazen Careerist – My go-to place for career articles is Brazen Careerist. A multi-faceted site about careers, you can find articles about the job hunt, resume writing, career goals, work life balance and work culture.


WiseBread – Frugal living, tips for saving money and thrifty ways to save are three common things that come from WiseBread. They are good at coming up with original articles, but also cull the web for great finance-related articles.

Get Rich Slowly – If you’re interested in getting out of debt, living frugally and building wealth – but you’re not looking for a quick, overnight solution – Get Rich Slowly is the place for you. Providing educational articles from contributors and sharing reader stories, Get Rich Slowly is an excellent resource for learning how to make lifestyle changes that will help you reach your financial goals.

Ready for Zero Blog – Ready for Zero is a company that wants to help its customers get out of debt through the use of their apps. They carry this mission out through their blog by helping to spread educational articles about personal finance. They also have great round ups of other personal finance-focused sites on the web.

Careful Cents – Cassie is a small business accountant turned financial strategist. She writes about healthy financial living, entrepreneurship and debt reduction. She consistently produces thought-provoking and useful articles for anyone who is interested in financial management, entrepreneurship and balance.


The Everywhereist – Geraldine is a former copywriter who crafts an excellent – story post after post. She travels a lot with her husband, the CEO of SEOmoz, and recounts her tales in a compelling way. She’s funny, sincere and has a quirky view of the world that keeps you coming back for more. And, she really really loves her husband.

Nomadic Matt– Nomadic Matt likes to travel. And he likes to do it on the cheap. His site is a treasure trove of articles about round the world travel, maximizing fun while minimizing budget and other musings on the travel lifestyle. He’s not going to be traveling full-time anymore, but he’s still planning to dish out some sweet reads.

What are your favorite blogs or websites? 

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