May Monthly Review

Monthly Review: May 2013

Hey all! I’m a couple of days late with my monthly update, but we’re not too far into June, so let’s pretend it’s still the very end of May. Sneaky time, it’s going by far too quickly.

May Highlights

May was an awesome month on the blogging front. Here are some of my favorites:

Living in Flux News

Design Refresh is Here!

This feels like old news, since I finished this so early in May, but I’ve done another design refresh for Living in Flux. Now I have a more streamlined design, fun icons for my categories and an improved header area. This site is definitely a work in progress, so keep checking back for the constant stream of design updates that I seem to make.

May Goals Recap

small-check-box1. Read 2 books.

I read three books:

small-check-box2. Run 35 miles.

Ta da! I logged an extra mile at 36 miles in May. Now to boost up the mileage for June.

small-check-box3. Launch Living in Flux design refresh.

Boom. Roasted. Got it done at the beginning of the month. My next goal is to make my site responsive, but that won’t be an official goal this month or next.

small-check-box4. Treat myself.

Semi-success. I treated myself to some new clothes on a whim a couple of weeks ago, prior to my mini-jaunt to Ocean City, NJ.

June Goals

  1. Sell 4 items from my closet on Tradesy.
  2. Sell 4 items on Etsy.
  3. Run 50 miles.
  4. Complete 4 things on my 26 New Things list.
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