August and September Monthly Review

August & September 2013 Monthly Review(s)

Hello, people of the Internet! It’s been a very very very long time, but we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. At least for monthly reviews, that is.

August & September Highlights

As you all know, things have been crazy around here with moving, Eurotripping and getting back and settled, so here’s a review of both August and September! Here are some of my favorite from the last two months:

Living in Flux News

I feel like a broken record, but now that I’m back, I’m going to be getting back into the swing of posting more. Expect some fun posts about Europe! About DIY! About career! About money! I’m also hoping to get back in the swing of weekly From the Internet posts. It’s a new season (as of last week), so it’s a time to start fresh with posting again.


I’m actually going to take a pass at review August’s monthly goals. It’s been so long that it’s time to start fresh! That said, let’s look at October’s goals:

  1. Finish painting all rooms in the house (only 2 left!).
  2. Join the gym.
  3. Finish putting up decorations/wall ornaments around the house.
  4. Go for a bike ride along the Erie Canal.

What have you been up to the last two months? Have any fun goals for October?



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