2014 Yearly Review
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2014 Yearly Review: What Did & Did Not Go Well

Every year, I try to write up a yearly review post. This year, I’m running a little behind, but I wanted to squeak it in before all was lost. In case you weren’t here for my previous reviews, I completed them for both 2012 and 2013.

Basically, each year, I focus on the things that did and did not go well. I find that this helps me orient myself for the year to come and it helps me to appreciate where I’ve come from and where I’m going. Since I didn’t post much during the second half of the year, this post also will act as a bit of a catchup for you all.


What didn’t go well: As we went through spring, I started to become restless about being in Rochester. We finally knew that Richard wouldn’t be returning to school and working from home by myself was started to wear down on me. This led us to make some major decisions about where we wanted to take out lives in the coming years.

What went well: This year was certainly full of surprises. What started out as restlessness turned into something great. We ended up closing out the year in a new city and me with a new job.


What didn’t go well: I made some pretty aggressive financial goals for myself for 2014. Unfortunately, my financial priorities shifted heavily once Richard and I decided that we wanted to try to move by the end of the year. This meant that instead of heavily contributing to my student loans, I put those on the back burner to build up additional savings to cover the costs of moving and security deposits.

What did go well: While moving to Washington, DC / Arlington, VA was pretty expensive (and I’ve decided that I’m NEVER. MOVING. AGAIN.), by getting a new job, I was able to secure myself a higher salary than I was making previously. With my new salary, even though our expenses will be higher overall, I’ll still be able to contribute heavily to my financial goals.


What didn’t go well: Well, I pretty much didn’t meet any of my 2014 goals. I didn’t contribute $25,000 to student loans, I didn’t read a book every month, I didn’t run in two races, I didn’t sell 30 items on Etsy, I didn’t go on a trip using points/miles, and I certainly didn’t build a built-in closet for less than $500. So, I really didn’t meet any of the goals that I set for myself last year, and that’s okay.

What did go well: While I didn’t really make much headway on my formally articulated goals, I think I did achieve the two biggest ones that didn’t make their way onto this site: I moved and I secured myself a new job.


What didn’t go well: This is actually a tough one. I think overall, my year from a career perspective went well. After doing it for a year, I determined that working from home really wasn’t for me for a long term situation. I NEED PEOPLE.

What did go well: As I’ve already mentioned a few times, I was able to find a new job in a new city. So I went from working remotely for Cloudberry Creative in based in New York to working in person for Deloitte Digital in their Washington, DC studio. Overall, I’m loving my job so far – the people, the opportunities, and the work itself. I’m excited to see what this new position will bring in this coming year.


What didn’t go well: Ha, I’m not really sure what do put here under DIY other than the fact that I spent a LOT of time and money on DIY projects before we moved out of Rochester. In Rochester, Richard owned his house so that gave me pretty much a blank canvas to work with (time and cost permitting). Unfortunately, I think I burned myself out on DIY for a bit, so I’m glad to be renting and pretty much prevented from doing any major projects for the time being.

What did go well: Despite the burnout, we completed some pretty cool projects before leaving Rochester. I built a built-in dresser-closet combo in the bedroom, I added board and batten to the back entry and bathroom, we installed a new exterior door, I painted the floors, ceiling and stairway on the front porch, and I built a workbench for the basement. Needless to say, I’m pretty tired after all of that.


What didn’t go well: Unfortunately, 2014 was a light travel year for me for pleasure. For work, I did get to go to Rhode Island a number of times, as well as California. For weddings and other things, I went to Philadelphia and Lewisburg in PA. This year, we really want to try to get out there and get some travel in.

What did go well: Although I didn’t travel too much, I did add a new state to my list: Rhode Island!

2014 Yearly Review Wrap-Up

So there you have it, my 2014 yearly review! It was a weird, but great year. Here’s to a more stable 2015 with less moving, more saving, and even more fun!

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