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From the Internets: February 24th

Happy Sunday!

February is almost and it seems like it just started the other day. I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely ready to start welcoming some warmer weather.

To top off your weekend, check out these sweet reads:

  • Speaking of time moving quickly. The April 15th tax deadline is quickly approaching. If you are a freelancer or received a 1099 for any reason this past tax year, check out’s tax tips for 1099ers.
  • When it comes to your career, would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Levo League points out the benefits and drawbacks of each.
  • Go Mighty is a new online platform that allows people to create life lists, connect and share their goals. They are still invitation only, but seem perfect for those of us who are living in flux and making goals about what we want to accomplish. Go sign up for an invite today!
  • Want to start a creative small business or already running one? Check out a guest post from Michelle Nickolaisen on Sarah Von Bargen’s business blog about making business planning simple. If you’re not looking to build a business, her tips can easily be applied to goal-making in general or career planning.
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