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From the Internets: January 4th

Thank goodness for short work weeks! After a fabulous week and a half off from work, I’m back and recharged… but no less welcoming of the weekend than before.

I’m really trying to turn over a new leaf with this whole blogging thing and so far, so good. I’m excited to press the reset button and start of the year with some awesome content about my favorite topics: life, career, money, and travel.

Here are some fun reads that have been floating around the Internets:

Interested in the state of financial and economic education in the United States? This interactive website from the Council for Economic Education provides in short, tweet-able snippets information about student loan debt, economic education, and personal finance education in the United States.

Think that flexible schedules and a healthy work-life balance is what makes you and your coworkers happiest? While those things make life much easier, a recent Gallup poll suggests that engaging work is what makes employees happiest.

A grim fact about life is that it eventually ends. But what happens to your social profiles? Mashable explores what happens to your social profile when you are no longer around.

The other day I talked about the NO SPEND Challenge and The Debt Movement as ways to jump-start achieving financial new years resolutions. Here are 70 money-saving tips that you can start using today.

Is that a camera in your pocket? Or are you just carrying an iPhone? This interesting read covers how our phones have changed photography forever.

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