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From the Internets: February 3rd

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I’m not sure what you all have planned, but I know I’m going to have an easy evening of relaxing and watching the game (and commercials) with my sister.

Here are some good reads to keep you occupied prior to the craziness:

Nomadic Matt experienced my worst fear while flying: a 20,000 feet drop and needing to use oxygen masks while flying to the Bahamas.

If you’re looking for an extra dose of cuteness prior to the Puppy Bowl, check out these behind the scenes photos. You will melt.

A thoughtful piece from WiseBread about becoming financial aware.

Are you finally debt free? Mint provides 7 ways to avoid self-sabotage and remain debt-free. Some of these tips are also useful for those attempting to become debt-free.

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