Fall Scene - Niagara on the Lake
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From the Internets: October 13th

Happy weekend, everyone!

I don’t know about your location, but it sure is getting brisk up in here. Unfortunately, I’m not surrounded by the beautiful fall leaves that are in the above photo.

Sometimes it seems like it’s just asphalt when you live in a city.

My scouring of the internets has resulted in a few good articles from this week or previous weeks. Check them out:

Paid to Exist provides a flowchart for helping you determine if your passion could be made into a full time gig (as opposed to remaining a hobby).

This week, I wrote about why I pay off my student loans at an accelerated rate. Carrie from Careful Cents writes about the non-tangible benefits of paying off debt that she felt when paying off her own debt.

I have some upcoming events that require me to update my wardrobe (aka actually add dress pants to my wardrobe). This post from WiseBread covers 8 cheap ways to update your wardrobe.

Do you know what the key to success for startups is? Well, I’m sure there are many. However, recent research shows that startups with female executive are more likely to succeed than those with all-male leadership teams.

Penelope Trunk talks about how to pick a career you’ll like. Keys to this include avoiding the “grass is greener” mentality, picking a lifestyle (not a job title), and not  over-committing to a particular path.

Now, there you have it. Go and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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