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The Future of Money: Financial Services Conferences

Money, money, money! That was the topic that was on my mind for the beginning of my trip to the West Coast. Well, it was much more than money that was on my mind: it was the current and future states of financial services and how technology is going to impact the space in the coming years.

In general, I’m a big fan of conferences. I find them to be a great way to keep on top of trends, meet new people, and learn a lot of things in a short amount of time. In going to these two conferences and participating in them, I also found that I’m a big fan of speaking at them.

This was the first time I had attended any financial services conferences (let alone participated in one), so I thought I would share some key takeaways and observations from my experience.

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Upcoming Travel Preview: Philadelphia Bar Party and Tour de West Coast

The next week is going to be quite a doozy, dear readers.

As life may have it, I’m going to be hitting 6 states in the next week and a half (counting NY and NJ, which I hit every day anyways).

My travels begin with a stint in Philadelphia, where I’m meeting up with friends to celebrate one of my friends passing the bar last week. As most of our reunions go, it should be quite fun and, as usual, packed with surprises.

After we have celebrated to our hearts’ content, I’ll make my way back to NJ for the night in order to rest up for the part of my travels that I’m perhaps most excited about: Tour de West Coast.

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