Hello, 2015! Getting Back Into Balance

Hello friends!

It’s a new year, so it’s about time to end my radio silence. I haven’t posted since June! And guess what? Life has been crazy!

Long story short, I was in the midst of a big job search and another long distance move. The last 6 months have taken me from working remotely in Rochester, NY to getting back into an office in the Washington, DC metro area. Between all of that, there has been packing, moving, settling, selling Richard’s house, more packing, more moving, more settling. And then the holidays!

And now, it’s 2015, things have calmed down a bit, and I think I’m ready for some more Living In Flux action.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I want this space to be when (and even if) I returned to writing. I’m not sure I have all of the answers by any means, but I want to refocus on balance. Before I stopped writing, I was shifting towards a focus on balancing student loans and life – ways that you can balance that student loan balance with what you’re doing. But the more I thought about what content I needed or wanted to create, the more I was grasping at straws and encountering writer’s block. Student loans are obviously a big thing in my life, but they aren’t the only thing that need to be balanced or require my attention. And, god willing, they won’t be in my life for that much longer.

So, that is a long-winded way of saying that I’m going to be backing up and focusing on the bigger picture of balance. Student loans are part of the story. But in this last year, I’ve realized that they aren’t the only part of the story (or even my story) that I want to focus on.

Living In Flux will focus on what I’m up to and the different ways that I balance all of the things that I want to do. Given unlimited resources, I’d pay off my loans, travel every weekend, eat at swanky restaurants on the reg, run a half marathon twice a year, and get promotions ever year. Unfortunately, that’s probably not a realistic life for me anytime in the future, so this space will focus on how I can get as close to that as I can in a sustainable way – both from a budget / personal finance perspective and from a planning, goal, and prioritization perspective.

So, I’m back! I’m excited about this new phase in my life and on this site. I hope you are, too. Stay tuned for more!

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