Monthly Review: July 2013 (And I’m Back!)

Phew! That was quite the few weeks. As I mentioned before I went off-air, I recently moved from Hoboken to Rochester. I didn’t quite realize how much of a task unpacking would be, but here I am two weeks later and there is still a TON to do. I guess it’s more work trying to integrate two households when unpacking than it is to just move and need to unpack your stuff into an empty place.

Regardless of the unpacking situation, I’m back! And it’s time to do a monthly review for July, even though we are over a quarter of the way through August.

July Highlights

After digging into the recesses of my memory, I realized that I had a couple of sweet posts last month. Here are the highlights:

Living in Flux News

Settling In

As I mentioned above, moving has been quite the event for me in the past few weeks. I expect it’s still going to take some time to get unpacked and organized and in a good, solid position of feeling at home. Since I will still be focusing on that for a bit, I’m planning to post, but probably not as frequently for a couple of weeks still. I’m going to aim for 2 – 3 posts per week and then ramp up to 3 – 4 once the dust settles.

What My Move Means for Living in Flux

Now that I’m in a new city (well, old to me, since I grew up in Rochester), things are going to change in my daily life. For starters, I’m working remotely now. That will bring about a slew of changes in my lifestyle and routine. Secondly, I’m cohabiting, which is a new experience for me and will likely bring with it a new set of experiences and challenges. I’m also in a house and not in an apartment. That means that I will have more freedom and more space for DIY activities. All of this means that I’m living in flux. And I’ll have new experiences and thoughts to share with you all. So don’t worry, I’ll continue to bring the goods in all things life, career, money, travel, goals and DIY.

July Goals Recap

small-x-box 1. Update my professional portfolio (www.nicolekendrot.com). As you might expect, life got in the way. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to this by October!

small-x-box2. Run 70 miles. I only ran 40 miles in July. So far, I haven’t run at all since the move, so I’ll have to really get cracking if I want to come anywhere close to that this month.

small-check-box3. Read 2 books. Booyah. I read three books this month! All three in the Hunger Games trilogy: Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

small-x-box 4. Spend less than $500 on moving expenses (e.g. vehicle to move, fuel, cleaning supplies, etc.). I actually landed a bit over $500 because when I got to the rental truck place to pick up my truck, I realized that I hadn’t added insurance when I placed my reservation. My moving expenses netted out to around $706 ($560 for truck, $106 for gas, $30 for parking pass for rental truck, and $10 for supplies from Home Depot). With the truck being the majority of the expenses, I think I didn’t do too bad with the actual moving part. Getting settled and organized in the new place has been a different story, however.

August Goals

  1. Have everything unpacked and organized by the end of August.
  2. Paint the bathroom.
  3. Run 40 miles.
  4. Post at least 2 times per week to Living in Flux for the rest of the month.

How was your July? How is the August so far? Did you do anything big in this past month?

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