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Monthly Recap: November 2012

December is upon us and we are quickly marching toward the end of 2012. Pretty soon, it’s going to be time to start assessing how well I achieved my goals for 2012 and determining how I want 2013 to play out. That’s going to be a treat for this coming month, so in the meantime, I’ll recap November.

Monthly Recap

I finally made it back to the city after Superstorm Sandy on the 8th of November. I had been on the road for nearly three weeks and I was definitely ready to sleep in my own bed by that time. The storm really threw a wrench in my daily routine and it has taken quite a bit of time to get back on track to some bit of normalcy.

Luckily, the biggest thing to affect my life is the Hoboken PATH station being out of commission. It takes me longer to get to and from work everyday, but I’ll take that over serious damage to myself or my apartment any day!

In between all of the chaos, I was able to provide a pretty detailed overview of my October travels. If you’re interested, check them out:

Towards the end of the month, I shifted focus towards the holidays. Namely, being thankful and finding ways to have a budget-friendly gift giving season.

Living in Flux News & the Month Ahead

Upcoming Travel – This month will be a good one on the travel front. This weekend, I’m going to be traveling to one of my former stomping grounds, Chapel Hill, NC. This trip will be my first time back since I moved away last July. I’m quite excited and I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favorite spots with y’all (had to throw the southern slang in there!). I’ll be back to NYC metro area for the holiday and then between Christmas and New Years, I’m planning to travel to Charleston, SC. I’ve never been there before, but my boyfriend spent 5 years there during college, so I should be getting an insider’s view of the place.

Goals, Goals, Goals! – As you all know, I love goals. Having a plan helps me go to sleep at night (really!). So this month will be a lot of analyzing and goal-making. I’m not quite sure how I want my 2013 to shape up, so stay tuned for when I do finally make up my mind!

Pretty Pics – It’s going to become pretty up in here! For Black Friday, I decided to treat myself to something that I’ve been wanted to purchase for a long, long time: a dSLR. With my new equipment, you should expect to see some more interesting photos on the blog in the coming weeks / months… once I get around to refreshing my photography skills and reading the half-inch thick manual.


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