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When Your 7-Day Trips Turns Into a 12-Day Trip…

… you are definitely living in flux.

First, I hope everyone reading this is safe, happy and warm in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Luckily, I’ve been able to stay out of harm’s way. After seeing that Hurricane Sandy was headed right for New York / Hoboken the day I was supposed to arrive back in town and not wanting to risk not being able to get to Hoboken (since that was right around the time they were planning to start shutting down the subways), I decided to extend my trip a bit.

I’m currently flying from San Francisco to Washington, DC. Yup, I’m not quite heading home, yet.

I’m going to be attending a business meeting in the DC area with my some of my coworkers until Friday. At that point, I think I’ll need to play my weekend plans by ear, as Hoboken is currently experience the aftermath of Sandy.

Hoboken didn’t receive the worst of it in terms of rain (from what I’ve heard), but it has had significant flooding and power outages. I’ll likely face challenges in getting back – whether it be through car or train – as I’m not sure when the power will come back, when the flooding will subside, and when public transportation will reopen.

We shall see as we get there, I suppose. I guess that’s what living in flux is all about!


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