There is a lot of world to see and I’m on my way to see it, despite my hefty student loan balance. Here you will find posts about travel strategies, traveling cheaply, and reviews of the various cities and countries I travel to.  Oh yeah, and the requisite vacation slideshows. I’m here to show that student loans don’t have to mean that you have to sacrifice exploring the world.

My Favorite Destinations

I try to get around… the world! Here I share reviews, stories and other things from my travels.

Want to see everywhere I’ve been? Check out my Destinations page.

Backyard Tourism

Sometimes doing touristy things in your home city gets a bad wrap. I’m here to prove that conception wrong! While living in New York, I made a point to do some fun, yet typically touristy-feeling things. No shame. Now that I’m in Rochester, keep your eye out for some new backyard tourism posts.

New York

Travel Tips & Tricks

Travel can be an art. Here are some posts where I share tips and tricks for making the most out of them.

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