2013 Goals Update #1

Whoa. HOLD UP. It’s the end of March.

That means that we’re already a quarter of the way into our year! I do think it’s scary, but I’m excited, because it’s time to do a quarterly goals update for all of you Living in Fluxers.

The other day I wrote about creating SMART goals and you know that I have 10 goals for 2013, plus you follow me through my monthly goals. Now it’s time to share my progress on my big goals for the year.

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While I haven’t run in any races yet, I have signed up for the Color Run in Philadelphia in July. Now that it’s springtime, I expect that I’ll be running and racing more often. Now to dust off those running shoes…


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I’ve been meaning to revisit the flux list in general, but let’s just say that I haven’t quite achieved any of them yet. I should probably start by prioritizing which ones I think I can achieve this calendar year.



This one is surprising even me! Believe it or not, I am almost halfway through my goal! So far in 2013 I have read:


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I would like to say I’m more versed in my camera now than I was a couple of months ago, but that would be a flat out lie. I have used it a few times and plan to continue to do so in the coming months, so hopefully I will soon understand my camera.


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check-boxSuccess! While an artist’s work is never done, I have successfully gone through refresh #1 of Living In Flux. Don’t get too excited about this look, because I do have some changes in the pipeline. In the coming month or so, expect to see a new and improved header area and a more exciting and colorful sidebar. While there are more updates to come, we can consider this achieved!


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This goal hasn’t been on the front burner, but it has been on a burner. I’d like to start selling  some fun stuff on Etsy and I’ve been working towards that point, but things have been going fairly slowly. My hope is to get the shop up and running by the end of April.


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I should have been listening to my own advice when I created this goal, as it’s not very specific or actionable. I could measure the number of grammar errors that WordPress identifies when I post, but I don’t think that would be a great indicator of my skill. I think that becoming a better writer will relate strongly to me finding my stride in writing for this particular platform. I’m still finding what works for me in terms of topics, length, format, frequency and pretty much everything that I write here, so I’m hoping to see some more improvements in the coming months as I gain my sea legs.



I’ve been making headway, but wouldn’t say that I’m anywhere close to having paid 20% of my student loans yet. I have been able to throw a little extra on top of my usual monthly payment amount, so I’m on my way, but not there yet. This goal is going to be a stretch, but I have faith that I’ll be able to come close to achieving it.



I’m slowly working my way towards this goal as well. My monthly savings transfers aren’t that high, but every little bit counts. My hope is that once my Etsy shop is up and running, I’ll be able to send my profits to both savings and loans.



Sadly, I haven’t traveled anywhere new in 2013! I don’t even have anything on the docket either. I’m not going to lie, but I’m starting to go a little bit stir crazy. My hope is that after April, I’ll be able to make some travel plans.

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