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Breaking Habits That May Be Keeping Back Your Career

Do you have a habit?

Well, let me rephrase that. Do you have a bad habit that you’d like to change?

Me, too.

Whining, nail-biting, gum smacking, slouching, procrastination, gossiping, saying “like”, like, a lot. There are many bad habits to have and those are just a few of them.

In the New Year, everyone is interested in self-improvement. Resolutions are made, gym memberships are opened, and everyone and their brother goes on a diet. That’s why it’s both a perfect time and a not-so-perfect time to commit to breaking a habit. On one hand, it’s a new year! Everything is fresh! Everyone wants to try something new! On the other hand, breaking habits takes commitment. With other resolutions on one’s plate, habit-breaking may fall to the wayside.

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