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Screenshot of Arrested Development post-Netflix Binge

Arrested Development Season 4; Or, How to Successfully Pull Off a Netflix Binge

This past weekend marked the release of the fourth (and much awaited) season of Arrested Development. To celebrate the release and to mark off an item on my 26 New Things list, I partook in a Netflix binge. While I didn’t watch all 15 episodes in one day, I did watch them over the course of two days. And, if it makes me sound any more badass, I only watched two episodes on the second day. So the effort was there to get it done in a day!

To help you get ready for your own Netflix binge of Arrested Development or for any other TV or movie binge, I’ve compiled some tips to make your binge a success. This wasn’t my first binge, so I’m no newbie to this Netflix bingeing thing. In fact, I’m well-known for my abilities to latch on to a show and watch it relentlessly for weeks. I mean, how else would I watch be able to watch Breaking Bad in three weeks? Not just one season in three weeks, either. All four and a half seasons. And they’re 1 hour-long episodes, too!

Seriously, blood, sweat and tears comfy clothes, a good Internet connect and fun times went into the making of this list, y’all.

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