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Learning and Skill-Building Shouldn't Be Confined to the School Years

Learning When You Are No Longer In School

I graduated from grad school almost 1.5 years ago.

I was one of those people who went straight from undergrad to grad school without taking a break. I loved school! I very much enjoyed being fed assignments and due dates and specific things to focus on.

As nerdy as it is, the day we received our syllabi each semester was probably the most exciting day of the semester for me. I could plan! I could color code my planner! I could start learning!

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Close up of houses from Monopoly.
Money, Student Loans

4 Approaches to Solving the Student Loan Debt Problem in the United States

Student loans. It seems like you can’t get through the day without hearing about them lately. Or maybe I just feel that way since I’ve been working on an app design to help solve this massive problem. Whether or not the topic of student loans has been on your radar, it’s hard to ignore the glaring (and scary) statistics that have been coming out recently.

Student loan debt in the United States has surpassed $1 trillion. That’s nine zeros! Student loan debt is a bigger source of debt that credit card debt and car loan debt in the United States.

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