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Everyday I’m Hustlin’: 6 Ways To Get Things Done

If you read my previous post, you know that I have a lot of things on my Flux List. I came up with 80 things that I’d like to accomplish at some point in my life. That’s not a terribly long list, but it is quite sizable and many of the items themselves are not exactly small feats. Let’s be honest, checking off every single one of those items will take a sizable amount of time and money. It’s exciting to think about crossing items off my list, but it’s quite daunting at the same time.

So how do you get started when you set out to cross off the items on your bucket list or flux list? Well, my approach is hustlin’. 

I have a day job that helps me accomplish many of my career goals. However, there are so many goals that I don’t get to work towards in the X number of hours I’m at work each week. Each day, I carve out time outside of work to dedicate to my other goals. I’m up early nearly every morning to either run or work on side projects.

How can one hustle to achieve their goals? Here are some of the strategies that I’ve put in place to aid in my hustlin’.

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