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Moving Week: Be Back Soon!

It’s moving week, people!

As you may remember, I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my June review that I’m going to be removing the “long distance” from my long distance relationship. Well, this week is the week!

Between packing, saying goodbye-for-nows, cleaning and work, I’ve had and am going to have a hectic schedule as I make the move and get settled into this whole cohabitation thing. As I figure all this out, I’m going to be a little M.I.A. as I get things into order and settled in.

Fear not! I will be back with exciting new posts soon.

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Surviving and Thriving in a Long Distance Relationship

Surviving and Thriving in a Long Distance Relationship

Yesterday marked a couple of things for me. First, it was my New York/New Jersey anniversary! Whether I believe it or not, I have been in the New York area for a full year. Yes, I live in Hoboken, but I work every day in the City. The bustling and wonderful City. However, yesterday also marked another important milestone in my life. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Richard and me being in a long distance relationship, or LDR for short.

To celebrate this pretty significant milestone, I thought I would share some of the ways that we’ve managed to survive and thrive in our long distance relationship. Hopefully, if you ever find yourself in a long distance relationship, you can take some pages out of our book and make the best of a not-so-ideal situation.

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