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Reasons to Start a Life List

5 Reasons You Should Have a Life List, Bucket List, or Flux List

Life lists are all the rage these days. Or so it seems. If you visit other lifestyle blogs, it’s likely that you have seen some life lists floating around.

Obviously, I’ve always known what a bucket list, or life list, is, but it wasn’t until I found them on Sean Ogle’s Bucket List, Joel Runyon’s Impossible List and Steve Lamb’s Epic Quest blogs that I started to think that I should come up with my own.

The result of that was the Flux List. As each of the above examples do, I have a unique bend to my flux list. It’s a changing list. I may want to include one thing on it now, but I may change my mind later. It’s flexible and I want it to reflect at any given time what my priorities are and what I want to do with my life. However, the most important part of my flux list is that it motivates me to continually strive towards the life that I want to live: one where I make purposeful decisions, work with the constraints that life gives me, and make things happen.

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