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New Year, New Directions: Goals for 2014


I’m squeaking in at the end of January with my goals for 2014. It counts as long as you set your goals before January is over, right?

I’m going to be honest: last year, my goals for 2013 were a mess. I didn’t even take my own advice of crafting S.M.A.R.T. goals when I came up with them. There were too many. Things came up that made some less of a priority (ahem, running in races). The path to achieving some of the goals was nebulous (“become a better writer”).

Well, I’ve learned my lesson for 2014. I will have fewer goals this year. I will also have more defined goals this year. Ultimately, I want to look at a goal and say, “Yeah, I met that goal, no doubt!” or “Wow, I didn’t meet that goal, but I know what I would have needed to specifically do to meet it.”

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