Planning and working on a career path can really seem like aiming at a moving target these days. There is so much flux, uncertainty and yet, so many options. Here I share my own career path as well as strategies that you can adopt to forge your own. After all, wanting pursuing a career is probably why you took student loans out in the first place. Now is time to harness your career to earn the income that will allow you to life the life you dream of!

Career path and planning

Careers typically don’t just happen. To get on the career path you want to take, planning and forethought are required.

Navigating the workplace

Tips and tricks for making the most of work.

Winning the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge

In the fall of 2012, I won the MyMoneyAppUp Challenge for coming up with an app concept to help student loan borrowers manage and pay off their student loans.

On Conferences & Professional Development

Graduating doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning. Conferences and professional development are key to cultivating and building your career.

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